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Earth has retreated to a small circle of worlds and the corporations that drove Earths fleet back celebrate their independence by doing what corporations do best... maximizing profits. Unfortunately, in a world where simple commodities can be manufactured anywhere, one of the most salable, most profitable products available is slaves. And pre-teen to early-teen girls are the highest value product.When the Security Corporations raids the lab where her parents work, and where she and her sister live, Kari Lorne along with the rest of the labs staff is struck by a mysterious chemical designed to kill adults but leave children unconscious. For teens like Kari, the chemical has a different effect... it makes her dependent on a steady supply of blood. Kari has become a space vampire.Before her mother died, she left Kari with one instruction... to protect her sister, Shena. But Shena has been taken by the Security Corporation and Kari doesnt have a clue how to find her, let alone rescue her. Considering that vampires are the number one target for any bounty hunter, with a handsome reward for their death, Karis chances of saving Shena seem low. But shes resolved to make it happen--somehow.Blood Star is an exciting space action story set in a believable dystopic universe, with intriguing characters.

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