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Dale Adams has worked hard to leave his troubled past behind for a brighter future at Emory University. But when a freak accident leads to a discovery that will change humanity forever, avoiding the spotlight becomes the least of Dales concerns. His revolutionary technology might just get him killed.The business? ??student? ?has? ?just unlocked the secret to controlling gravity, and now every science book on the planet will be rewritten by the most unlikely of authors. ?But Dale’s early experiments have attracted high-level attention, even before hes had the chance to ?share?? them.Oblivious to the mounting interest, Dale uses his ground-breaking innovation to create…well, a toy: ?T?he world’s first real hoverboard.? ?W??ithin ?days of presenting the product to his class, Emory University is beset by a rash of misfortune and tragedy.?As t?he world begins to collapse around him?,? ????Dale’s fate intertwines with that of a girl he barely knows?.?? Time is running out, and i?t ?quickly? becomes clear their only hope for survival is to disappear into Atlanta’s seedy underbelly; the very place he’s tried so hard to ?leave behind.+++It was just a hoverboard. Nobody was supposed to die.+++"Pretty much every movie and book about the future weaves floating cars into the scenery. But no story has ever discussed how that came to be. Breaking Gravity is the story of how THE future––a future that pretty much every scifi writer has predicted––came to be. A serendipitous discovery, a hoverboard, greedy suits, violent skinheads, and a beautiful girl... what more could you want? 6 STARS on a scale of 1 to 5!"- M Devins, IndieSciFi Reviews"Mixes the gritty side of Atlanta with a technothrillers twists and turns!"- Philip, Amazon Review"This story will make you question everything you know about gravity. Plus its a helluva ride!"- Heisenberger, The Search

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