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Squarehead Davey is just your normal post apocalyptic entrepreneurs who possesses a never say die attitude. In fact on a number of occasions he has come close to hitting the big time! The word failure is not in his vocabulary and it is this quality that keeps him going until eventually he does actually make the big time. Of course after the Mega Wars our desolate world has dramatically changed, some say for the worse and some say for the better? It's hard to say exactly who is correct? All one can do is try to adapt and embrace any new opportunities that arise. Squarehead is well aware that to succeed you need to look at life as an ongoing opportunity! He is willing to try his hand at just about anything possible and lately his thoughts have been concentrated on how to change the world into a never ending line of consumers, all eager to purchase his fantastic new product named Cannibal Soup. Can he really feed the masses? Will this be the product sending him to the bigtime? Is the world really ready for a unique concept? Will Squarehead possess the required skills to succeed in such a world? Is the world ready for a taste of Cannibal Soup or will we all starve?

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