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Their First Attempt at a Dystopian Settlement Safe Haven is going to try making a permanent dystopian settlement in a Georgia mountain and every soul in their camp is ready for the break. They have traveled for more than nine months since the apocalypse. Now, they can finally quit living from trucks and try to rebuild what they’ve lost. The promised luxuries the descendants are going to exhume from the ashes of society are being anticipated eagerly. Except… More Horror is Coming Safe Haven thinks they’ve endured the worst the apocalypse had to offer, but they’ve actually been lucky. That’s about to change and the descendants can’t stop it. Magic is powerless against radiation and other effects of a nuclear war. When Yellowstone blows, it forces a hard choice: Do we stand or do we run? Radiation, Refugees, and Revenge “The refugees swept across the country, fleeing Yellowstone’s relentless horror. Innocent and corrupt alike, they arrived at our Georgia mountain gates with illnesses that we couldn’t treat, with crimes on their hands that we wouldn’t condone. They surrounded us with their misery, ramming our security with trucks and waves of gunfire. Even the innocent refugees took all we had to give, begging until we had nothing left for ourselves, but still we tried to help them. We brought vast numbers inside, only to be betrayed. You can’t imagine our horror. Customs were shunned, our kindness was mocked and the fragile peace began to crumble. That’s when then things got ugly.” –Samantha Moore, SH Council. Surrounded by desperate refugees and radiation dangers, Safe Haven must now make the hardest choice of any apocalypse: Do they stay and fight for their dystopian settlement or do they run and try to be grateful that they at least have their lives? Carved in Stone. The apocalypse just got a lot harder. Includes: Dog chapters! Deleted Scenes Updated Eagle teams Need to Know Information Title: Carved in Stone Book 6 of the Life After War series Edition: 2017 Length: 844 pages Author: ©Angela White Publisher: C9 Publications ISBN#: 978-1-9459-2708-9 Next in series:  Shattered Dreams (Book 7) Life After War Box sets are now available! Why have more files than you need? Related to series: Alexa’s Travels, Marc and Dog   life after war, armageddon, post apocalyptic survival, dystopian military fiction series, psychics and apocalypse horror, angela white, shtf book,

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