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CHAOS WEAVING is Collection One of The Freeborn Chaos Chronicles. These first fifty futuristic flash fiction fables tell complex original stories and weave interesting concepts about our Universe through the experiences of people performing jobs, saving the planet, exploring gravity wells in deep space, peering through lenses to the future, and jumping time portals into the past. Most of these stories began with an epic title that tells a big part of the tale itself and is designed to draw you in and keep your attention span held for only a few pages as a scenario unfolds that will hopefully make you think fast in alternate ways about existence. Since the idea behind Flash Fiction is brevity, these stories use tactile wording and screenplay-like use of quickly describing a scene vividly to convey the setting. Following are some of the great story titles that all envelop a similar futuristic state, but are self-contained individual stories within themselves. Story Title Examples: "Where Robots Go to Die" "Invasion Eve" "I am not a clone." "Space Garbage Man" "Remember Washing Machines?" "Hulls" "Admirable Admiral Adams" "Blacknum" "Bright Lights, Neon Nights" "The Quest for Anti-Fire" "Bogs of Mars" "This Bleeding Heart Bleeds Oil" "The Man Who Flipped the Switch that No One Heard that Saved the World!" "State of the Universe Address" "A Pirate in a Lawnchair on the Moon" In closing, the future is forged at the pace of the present, and the twists and turns that form tomorrow are perpetually altering course by the second. The winding road of chaos weaves our history on a loom holding the fabric of reality up as an image of the collective experience. So, that is happening.

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