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Diana: I am just a normal 21st century human female who faces ordinary problems like a bloody cheating fiancée for example. Needing some fun, I jump at the chance to answer some Alien space game questionnaire looking for women who want to time travel and go marry an Alien husband.  I answer the thing thinking its fake as after all Aliens and time travel do not exist! But I end up being proven wrong after I find myself time travelling a 100 years into the future, ending up on some spaceship which is travelling to some Alien Planet where I am supposed to marry an Alien husband. Xavier: I am Xavier the Leonic King of Planet Leo Minor. My kind the Leonic Race faces a dilemma of the extinction of females but luckily I discover that Human females are perfectly compatible with my kind. The only problem is that Planet Earth no longer has any life on it.  So I start a system called the TTBO system which stands for Time Travelling Bride order system. And I so cant wait to finally have my human bride, taken 100 years from the past before Earth`s destruction Warning: For Adults 18+ Only!

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