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Mathew.  A young man forced into adulthood due to circumstances beyond his control. His first assignment to convince the humans on earth they were destroying their planet as his people did theirs.  As situations changed, so to did his. Leaving others to finish what he started, he found himself traveling across space and time to stand beside a princess whos reign and world were threatened.  Their marriage part or a bigger prophecy and the beginning of a life change he could not see coming. One that would change his life and any plans he had as a human being. ( His prior life in the series Seeds of Eden )Now he is, through no choice of his own, a prince of another calling. While some still call him Prince Mathew, others call him the Shadow Prince. The latest one destined to rule a thousand years as he carries out his work. In his realm, if you need saving and you pray for help, youre asking for Prince Mathew. When situations are too bad and survival is unlikely, many pray for the Shadow Prince. Asking him to destroy the evil ones. Mathew is both and sometimes it is difficult to separate the two when it comes to deciding who will live or die. Travel with him as he moves from one assignment to the next. Traveling by Transporter and under the guidance and direction of his controller. The stars and all the worlds out there are his playground and only his creators know where he will go next.

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