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Evan stands at the very edge of the underground city hes lived in his entire life. Its the shadows that surround the city that keep the people prisoner. Its their fear of the darkness that keeps them in line.But Evan knows he can no longer live in the city any longer. He has found out a terrible secret and is too afraid to share it, even with his wife, Abby. It is because of this secret that he can never return to his normal life. It is because of this secret that he must escape into the dark.However, the officials that run the underground colony dont want Evan to leave. They also dont want him to speak what he knows. So they haul him in and give him an ultimatum. They can either execute him and risk sending the society into turmoil, or Evan can eat a single wafer.The choice isnt as easy as one might think, for the wafers themselves hold the secret of Evans undoing.

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