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Science fiction fantasy adventure. Every now and then someone is plucked from obscurity into greatness. You can never predict who it will be. It might be you. You may even be surprised to find that your worst enemy becomes your best friend. You may find your little world suddenly expanding, opening up a galaxy of adventure and mystery. It has often been said that 'the last shall be the first', and that only the truly humble are fit to rule. O.P is feeling pretty down at heel, the terrified and crushed victim of Renshaw, the school bully, living in a council flat, having his hair cut by his uncle, and wearing supermarket clothes, and even worse, supermarket shoes. Things do not look at all promising for O.P. But then his 'Uncle' Roy reveals a secret, and they begin a frantic race to escape the clutches of a conspiracy that aims to bring the galaxy back to the dark ages before 'Optimalisation'.

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