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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/FAshOR finally has command of his own ship, and he’s been given an important mission to head up. He has to locate a rogue Morin ship that managed to get through the wormhole, before it reaches Earth. He expects to face battle, and he’s used to fighting. What he doesn’t expect is the trail of horror and destruction left by the Morins. Stopping his people’s enemy is his top priority, and he doesn’t need the complication of a stunning beauty that won’t listen to anything he has to say. In fact, she does the exact opposite.Ava Collins is a FEMA volunteer who’s seen a lot of bad stuff in her lifetime. However, none of it prepares her for what she encounters while leaving Earth to travel to a new world. War, hate, genocide: these are things that she finds are universal. She offers her assistance to the commander of the Colonial transport, but he doesn’t seem to trust that she knows what she’s doing. And he’s not ignoring her suggestions and advice; he’s flirting with her outrageously.During times of struggle and strife different species must come together to aid one another. Can they overcome the common enemy who seeks to tear them apart? Will these two overcome their own reluctance in order to allow love in their hearts?EXCERPT:“We should go back out there. They probably think you’re killing me.” She tried to joke, but he wasn’t in a laughing mood.He leaned down unexpectedly, stopping just a breath away from her. “They would know killing is the last thing that I want to do to you.”Oh wow. “Well-” She never finished her thought, because he placed his lips on hers. He was gentle at first, then became more aggressive. She raised her hands and wrapped them around his neck, pressing her body into his. She couldn’t think straight; his kisses were a drug and she was addicted.

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