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Though shut to them, the Guardian Priesthood of Ipri-Axis thrived on the certainty that its enigmatic Temple and legendary occupant were ultimately theirs to control. Generations of plans were based on a belief that the Oracle inside could speak directly with God - and he who controlled the flow of information from God, controlled the planet.First a human unexpectedly arrives with the keys to opening the Temple, then Hy-Rapthean physicists turn up amidst rumours the fabric of space has been torn into another continuum.All evidence points to the Temple’s mysterious resident as being the source of the crisis.As the Temple begins to open under guidance of the human, the Priesthood begins to question what actually lay inside – a concern exacerbated by the appearance of an apparition in the Temple Antechamber that warns of impending doom.All too late, the human and his physicist allies complete the opening sequence and the Temple is finally opened.Whilst the Priesthood had spent ten millennia trying to get inside their Temple, it never occurred to them that what lay inside had decided it was finally time to let the people of Ipri-Axis know its real purpose.

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