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CREOPLE - SYNOPSIS It is the year 2942 and his name is Buck. He is a genius and at ten years of age a recent college graduate about to begin advanced studies, his sights set on an eventual doctorate in the field of anthropology – like his dad. To say that he lives in a world vastly different from most humans would not be an exaggeration. He even has his own computer generated holo assistant named Daisy to keep him grounded and on target. Additionally, he and his parents make their home in a place called Yupptown, where only geniuses may reside. Deliberately set apart, Yupptown occupies the domed top level of a massive and completely enclosed structure called NewMan, a MegaCity formerly known as Manhattan. Of course, with 250 million humans living below them in a habitat named Sardville, over-crowding is a disaster waiting to happen. However, not for all, a new species called Creople has slowly evolved out of that poisoned atmosphere surrounding NewMan. Benign in nature, Creople were quite comfortable living in and calling that inhospitable territory home, until targeted for extinction. Ever alert to new business opportunities, a race of aliens from a distant world watched planet earth for a number of years and saw that it was about to destroy itself because of over-population. In-the-nick-of-time, the aliens swooped in to save humans from themselves. They came to trade not to conquer, they explained. Earth had an overabundance of a commodity in great demand throughout the universe: people. They further explained that they stood ready to offer advanced technology as well as their services as recruiters, so to speak, in arranging employment, transport, and huge profits for all concerned in exchange for the many millions of people they predicted would eagerly choose to emigrate to better living conditions, opportunities and climes. Acceptance of the agreement between the governments of earth and Opti Universal Enterprises had saved the world. Hallelujah! However, not so fast said Buck after some freedom loving humans and one of the Creople in particular enlisted him, his father and Daisy to lead a daring and dangerous mission. After centuries of doing business with the aliens, it was plain to see that the Opti had not delivered on their promises to the people of earth. For example, after so many millions of humans had already emigrated to distant stars in search of a better life, why had the population of earth not diminished in any measurable way or the conditions for those who remained improved? The Opti had much to answer for and it was time to confront them – by force, if necessary.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121510919
    • ISBN:  1230002083124

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