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Desert Blueshift is metaphysical science fiction romance novel incorporating elements of change, growth, and expansion of consciousness. It is also an action adventure and a story of love. A mysterious sphere lands in the Arizona desert. The trail of ash and sparks that follows the sphere through the atmosphere wreaks havoc in San Diego, drawing together a homeless man, Harley, and a doctor, Janet, as they take refuge in the same doorway away from the falling embers. The trail of embers is also seen further to the east by an actor escaping from hollywood, and a waitress in the desert town of Gila Bend. The two meet when the actor, Mitch, comes in to the restaurant where the waitress works. The waitress, Ginny, is concerned for her friend and colleague, Sally, who misses work without calling in. Ginny goes to Sally's house after work, only to find her held captive by Sally's husband. He decides to take the two women into the desert to 'put them out of his misery.' As Mitch is driving east after his chance encounter with Ginny, he thinks of her and suddenly hears a voice in his head telling him that Ginny needs his help, and he returns to Gila Bend. There, he encounters a dog named Boozer who becomes his cab-mate as together they search Ginny. When the sphere crashes to earth in the desert, it destroys the tent housing a religious revival. The preacher escapes. The parishioners don't. The scam artist preacher flees, but is struck by a singular episode of guilty conscience. Mick, an itinerant roadie working for the Right Reverend J. Malcolm Van Cleave, the bombastic sleazy preacher, is the only other survivor at the crash site. These characters are all drawn, whether consciously or subconsciously, to the site where the sphere lands. The sphere is accompanied by 11 other identical spheres as it enters the Earth's atmosphere in a symmetrical formation, leading to speculation in Washington that they are more than simple meteors. Soldiers from the Casa Blanca Military Base are dispatched to assess the sphere, to ascertain whether it is a meteor or something more sinister. Sergeants Scotty McLain and Brian Davis deal with their own conflict while trying to discover the nature of the sphere. Mick is found badly burned by the soldiers of Charlie Squad when they arrive at the crash site. The perception held by those in charge that the sphere is more than it appears seems to be borne out as strange things begin to happen to those who come in close proximity to the sphere in the desert.

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