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Jeff Walker, a human from a Martain colony, is unwillingly transported to another universe through a wormhole and crashes on a distant world, where he meets a race of peaceful amphibian-like beings. He discovers that a hostile race called the Tolarions have set up a base on the other side of their island. When they are threatened, Jeff steals a ship and leaves with two of the amphibians, Dormiton and Milgic, destroying the alien base, starting an intergalactic war.After their escape, they meet Zarcon, the leader of Belor, who is also a member of the Galactic Republic of Peaceful Civilizations, adversaries to the Tolarions. When Zarcon shows him a weapon capable of destroying worlds, his superior Riona accuses them of treason and being spies. Jeff must form unlikely alliances with beings unlike himself to find the truth of whats really going on. Little does he know that the deeper he digs into things, the more likely he is to find out about his own races past and what really is the cause of the war. He and his small group of outlanders must somehow stop diabolical beings from obtaining the weapon and using it on every race in the galaxy.

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