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It is easy to get lost or separated while navigating through a wormhole maze, as Phil Crowe and Emily Boyle soon discover. And, stopping an extinction event from happening is just one problem Phil and Sergeant Berry contend with, as they desperately search for Navy SEALs Emily and Captain Simms in the mirages of time. But they still have to outwit Donovan, who is out hunting shadow warriors. And, if he neutralizes the elusive Mr. Smith they are his next target. “I’m a pirate, not a pilot,” Captain Avery jokes to Donovan. “I can fly anything with a rudder.” Good. Well, that certainly evens the odds. This hair-raising adventure story raises chilling questions about parallel universes, time-travel and life after death. Who created the wormhole maze? Who built the pyramid city? And, why is Captain Simms unconcerned when his team members die horrific deaths? Phil soon discovers that no-one, and nothing is what it seems; and that, if time and monsters don’t kill you, Donovan certainly will. ‘Dimensions’ is a fast-paced science-fiction love adventure of time-travel to parallel universes; with similarities to HG Well’s ‘Time Machine,’ ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Timeline.’ It is a modern day ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ This book should appeal to young adults and science fiction enthusiasts of all nationalities and cultures, especially those who enjoy ‘Indiana Jones’ style Sci Fi action adventure.

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