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A 300,000 word epic of a young woman who just wants to live her life in peace...If only things were that simple! A generation after the Vandals wiped out Earth’s population, a tenuous peace has settled in between the Vandals and the few survivors to have escaped Armageddon. Many of the refugees have accepted Vandal rule while the rest have held onto some sort of independence in the Opposition Colonies. Dione Pafford lived with her parents as Loyalists, mining their tiny, desolate moon. While on a survey mission , she discovers the wreckage of a long-crashed Earth warship and its lone survivor: Jack Corbitt. It is a discovery that upends the peace and finds her people once more hunted by an enemy who has grown too powerful. To survive extinction, Loyalists and Colonials alike look to Dione as the entire conflict becomes her personal war for survival.

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