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When the dead rise and walk the earth, the Undead seize their chance . . . Nursing student Hannah Jordan knows things are bad when her mother dies while giving birth to a son. She knows things can't get much worse when her mother gets back up and tries to have the baby for breakfast. When she's forced to put her mother down like a rabid animal, only one certainty remains: Hannah will do whatever it takes to stay alive and protect her baby brother. The only survivors out of a family of survivalists, Hannah and the baby ride out the zombie apocalypse in their family's backyard bunker, emerging months later to find a world taken over by the newly self-appointed saviors of humanity: a race of vampires hellbent on preventing the extinction of their food supply. Hannah does not welcome her new vampire overlords; but in a world where hordes of flesh-eating zombies roam the earth, she hasn't much choice. When her medical training gets her picked by the vampires' resident doctor to join his research team, she soon discovers that it's more than just an opportunity to escape the prison camps with her brother. It's also a chance to help restore humanity's freedom through the development of a vaccine against the zombie virus--one that might also provide a cure for vampirism. But will they complete their work and save what's left of humanity before they're discovered and shut down?

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