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Down Home is a 29,000 word science fiction, vampire, mystery novella featuring Simone Gireax, from the Blood Justice and Blood on the Water novels. Around the year 2050 the Earth has been taken over by vampires who can walk in the sun, called Sunvamps. Simone Gireaux, Justine Kroft and two other vampires along with 180 mortals have escaped Earth to an unfinished space station called Haven where they've been hiding for fifteen years. Henry McKay, who escaped to Haven as a teenager, has produced a virus that will kill only Sunvamps. Then he's murdered and a notebook containing the virus manufacturing procedure is lost. Asked by Ginger, McKay's beautiful manufactured "Wife," it falls to Simone, a 400+ year-old vampire to find McKay's killer and retrieve the notebook. The success of the virus would allow Simone and Justine to return to Earth and search for Teresa, their long-time friend and partner. She is a powerful sorceress who disappeared while saving most of those who made it to Haven. But there are some on Haven who don't want to go home and would kill to keep the virus secret.

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