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We all dream about what the future may hold for us, both on a personal level and to the human race and world in general. But in which ways will the future change from the present? We are interested in how the environment, institutions and technology will impact on people’s lives in the future.This collection of short stories examines different aspects of possible future worlds.The Dream Machine – When a machine is developed that allows users to receive the benefits of a full night’s sleep in two hours, will the technology be embraced or feared? The benefits of the machine are clear, allowing greater productivity and fitting more into a day but some worry about what is really happening to those who use the machine.Flying in the Abyss – The War on Terror has been ongoing for decades. Those fighting the war barely remember September 11 and technology has made killing depersonalized in an asymmetric battleground. But what happens when participants cannot distinguish between computer simulations and the theatre of war.Winning the Lottery – Set in a place where receiving permission to have a second child is more precious than any monetary prize. What happens to a couple when they feel they have won the lottery to have another child. Others are suspicious that the winning couple manipulated the odds of winning to their advantage.The Heart Attack – One day you may be feeling perfectly fit and healthy and the next you experience chest pains. You think you are about to have a heart attack but your doctor examines you and tells you, you are perfectly healthy. When faced with this situation, do you believe your body or your doctor?Strawberries in Space – After a terrifying battle in deep space a crippled vessel is forced to limp home. The captain is focused on returning the vessel and crew home safely while evading enemy ships and other hazards. To forget the horrors of war, the captain dreams of happier times when she was eating strawberries and cream.My Phone, My Best Friend – Phones have progressively become more powerful and are more of a social tool rather than merely a communications device. When social media, the power of the internet and organizational skills are combined in a phone, at what point does the phone take over your life?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000176907194
    • ISBN:  9781301493661

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