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    Ben is seventeen years old, tall, athletic - and happy. His life is typical of a western middle class teenager living in a modern world. Until one evening late at night he finds he is unable to resist a compulsive impulse to wake from his deep sleep. Finally giving in he sits up in bed to discover that everything in his room is emitting soft coloured light. This is weird to be sure, but when Ben realises that he is not alone, there is someone else there, in his bedroom, Ben's life changes, and is never the same again. After this night's amazing events finally pass. Ben is informed that there is a reason he has incarnated. He has come to earth to achieve a very important task before a dramatic change comes upon the planet. If he does not complete a personal transformation by the time the change occurs he will be spiritually lost for eons. What he has to do is extremely dangerous and could take a while to achieve. He is told he has about three days - maybe. There's not going to be enough time. He is advised to enlist the help of a school friend - Julia. A girl at school whose very presence causes Ben to fall into a seriously embarrassing, stuttering mode. How can he convince her that what is happening to him is not made up, it is real.

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