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The enemy has been largely exposed. The plan is ready to be executed, but when it’s in the Lord’s hands you never know for sure beforehand Deborah has received her orders and they scare her half to death. An assassin? Really? How can she do that? Killing in cold blood! Stones’ recent, extreme conversion in Evulsion surfaces in some severe questions about what she is doing, both its legality and morality. But she’s working with a Godly team. General Marti has similar issues as he aligns his new-found faith with his plans for the redemption of his error. Fort Bliss will be a tough fight against Santiana. The rest of the plans are much more fluid as Senator Aragón deals with the reality of leadership, under God. God’s plans are amazing, as usual. Please join me I’m constantly working to help and support Christian authors writing redemptive and spirit-filled fiction. It is difficult to write realistic fiction which can transform lives. I can only pray the Lord can use my efforts in this regard. The world fights works like these tooth and nail. You can join me at my Website/blog, Reality Calling In my FaceBook group: Reality Calling: Helping authors & readers realize their call, plus reviews

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