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Today is a special day for Makenna Circe Thesis, and she has decided to go all out. Now that Mack has turned eighteen, she’s determined to show everyone—including her overprotective mother, Cybele—that she is no longer a tomboy and child. But a night that was supposed to be the best celebration ever turns into a nightmare that breaks her heart and tears Mack’s family apart. The powers that have been dormant in her and her siblings since they were babies have manifested themselves. The four must now prepare for a life they could not have imagined. They are the Elementals, and the future of the universe resides with them. But they are not alone, and Mack finds herself drawn to a man who could destroy them all before they even have a chance to fight. The first in the Elemental Thesis series, this fantasy novel follows four special children who are destined for more than they ever dreamed of.

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