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When Skylar took up an interest in computers in school, she had no idea on where it would take her. With her then finding a fascination in Artificial Intelligence, her father then got her interested in androids… the ones that look like people, not the robots that make cars.NASA hasn’t sent a manned mission past low earth orbit in fifty years. Underfunded and now barely able to properly man their ranks for any future missions, they are not in a good position when the President calls to say we need a mission to Mars, and we need it now.They also need help; the fears of radiation and issues facing astronauts on such a journey have left them with few options. The robotic systems used to land a few Habitats on Mars haven’t been designed or programmed to support such missions.They need an android to land on Mars. They need a colony established to support a follow up mission with 100 colonists.They need Skylar… before time runs out.

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