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Her mother was unhappy because Marid used the phone a lot so she put a passcode on it to lock her out. Although Marid couldnt call out, her friends could call her. She expected her mother to limit that, but she didnt. Instead, she waited to punish her until after the Christmas holidays. Marid was talking about returning to school, when her mother lowered the boom. Marid, she said, Ive decided that you are going to attend a different school. Standing there in stunned disbelief, Marids heart started breaking in half. Shed lose all her close friends and her favorite teachers. Although she hadnt gone for more counseling sessions, most of all she would lose Myra Stantons protection. Myra had always asked how she was doing whenever she saw her in the hallways. Her mother had trashed Myra many times to Marid but she didnt believe her the way she used too. Marid was beginning to see that her mother was a bully, and she was wrong for the way she treated her. Angrily, she demanded, Why did you do this to me? You want me to fail and be miserable dont you? Emily looked at her daughter and said Really Marid? Since when do you know whats best? I know whats best better than anyone, especially not that interfering bitch Myra Stanton. Tearfully Marid said, How could you do that? Why do you hate me so much? Icily her mother replied, Hate you? Dont flatter yourself. Youre nothing but a manipulative bitch. You lied about me! Youre just like your father, the same kind of liar! Your rein of telling lies is finished; you arent going to get away with your lies so easily in a brand new school, without Ms. Myra there to protect you, are you? Marid just stared at her, before turning away and going to her room. She slammed the door shut, expecting her mother to follow and hit her, but she didnt care anymore. She lay on her bed sobbing into her pillow for hours, before she fell asleep.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100851362
    • ISBN:  9781491746141

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