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How will Earth’s children move out into the rest of the universe? Will we leap to other star systems by inventing holes through other dimensions or will we scrape, crawl and drag our way “one small step” at a time? Was Neil Armstrong really the first Earthperson to step on the Moon? What will we find as we venture to new unknown lands… lands unchanged for hundreds of thousands of centuries.First Mars takes the next step – the first human mission to Mars. Because of the advances in virtual reality, humans have learned to control the awesome power released in the gas core nuclear rocket. Capable of speeds previously unimagined in our time, the crew need only beat the ship from the European Union to place the first footprints on Mars. But TD is the only person capable of controlling the engines titanic forces—not by accident. By growing up on the Moon, TD designed, built and tested the engine so only he could run it. This gives him a slot on the first Mars mission. Unfortunately, some people believe that no one should go to Mars at all.First Mars provides a unique perspective in the front-edge technologies being developed in the Nation’s leading research centers. The story is exciting even as the science is real.

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