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“Autism gave me my Knack” Kambel SmithGenius: Someone who has unusual mental ability.Knack: A specific talent for something, especially one difficult to explain or teach.The "Survivor Evolution" series was created by a young man who was diagnosed with Autism and Attention deficit disorder. He was inspired by children who suffer from the same or similar so called disabilities. His story and creativity will open your mind to the possibilities because he has found his hidden genius or knack."Flames of Avasten" is the first book in the "Survivor Evolution" series. The book tells the story of a young autistic boy named Billy Reynolds who is transformed into a gold ribbon. Before being transformed Billy struggles with his autism and the death of his father. After his transformation Billy realizes he has amazing abilities. As Billy searches for answers to what he is and why he was changed, he encounters evil forces that wish to harm him, but he doesnt understand why.Read "Flames of Avasten" and find out how Billy deals with the answers he finds. Follow this amazing series and you will believe in the possibilities and the power of Survivor.

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