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    Dr. Ethan Rain believed the human race was in danger of causing its own extinction. In 2030 he created a company called Future Wake to build enough spaceships to reach eight of the Earth-like planets discovered by the Kepler Spacecrafts telescope. Each spaceship will have two captains, four teenage clones, and a thousand zygote clones. In 2050 Captain Jack Lance Frontman is ordered to take the Future VII spaceship to a hostile planet called Brackish. Jack asks his girlfriend, Sharon, to come with him but tragedy forces Sharon to captain the Future VIII spaceship instead. Furious, Sharon insists a clone of herself be grown in the Future VII spaceship and her personality and voice be added to the artificial intelligence called Whispers. Now Jacks on a miserable planet, awaiting Sharons arrival, with four teenage clones who dont want his help and a living Whispers who wants him all to herself.

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