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A man learns to tell the future and tries to avoid his destiny. Will he succeed or will fate claim him?A short sample -I always knew my son would kill me. What makes that statement truly strange is that I knew it before I even met his mother. Sorry for the confusion, I guess a bit of background is in order.According to my mother, I have always been good at math. To hear her tell it I was adding numbers before I even learned to speak. While I can’t confirm that, I do remember always being bored in math class because it went too slow. In my boredom I discovered Greek myths. What particularly fascinated me was any story involving the Oracles. How cool would it be to be able to predict the future?"A very enjoyable intriguing read. I am reminded somewhat of the movie maybe the author watched it and got inspired. But this is better than the movie in my opinion. It is a good paced story that you will not be able to put down.A highly recommended read.""I was fascinated from the first page. This short story has depth, a touch of mystery, and you really feel the characters journey. I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it."

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