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Evolution had been paralleled on other planets; most humans would not accept this. Politics nurtured this ignorance which meant that many crimes were allowed to go unpunished. Denial of the existence of these other peoples was not only dangerous for all species, but held back the whole Galaxy. Human complacency was born of their reliance on technology which they assumed put them at the pinnacle of evolution!Humanity hadn't changed, now it had the means as well as the motivation to exploit whole planets by purloining these other worlds. Ambition simmered at all levels to retain the resources of these luxuriant prizes and the enslaved who inhabited them.The battles moved from space and into the genes and jungles of the Galaxy. Scientists were being drawn into these battles which were always political, but sometimes bloody. In which direction was the arms race heading? Was epigenetics being twisted by politicians into the ultimate weapon of domination?Of the fourteen Federation planets, some had fractious alien species lurking in their jungles; just what would the military do to keep the peace? Eventually, someone got creative, which was one of evolution's most ambitious mutations: only a few heroes needed to be recruited, with genes that could dodge epigenetic programming, as well as lasers.Would evolution's multiple species win through, or was the dream of making peace with aliens, a dream too far?

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