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Although it is the second in the series, Glory - Book Two follows a new group of people as they they make their way through the wreckage caused by those who have turned into homicidal maniacs. Scooter, a high-school student, is on his way to work when the change happens. Instead of going home, he decides to continue his journey. He has very little that he wants to go back to and eventually finds something that pushes him forward. Marianne, a middle-aged woman, is looking after her mother when the old lady turns. Faced with fighting her mother or running from her, Marianne has to make a choice that leads her to places she could never have imagined. John and Alice, an elderly couple, watch the carnage from their window until they are forced to flee into their basement. With no other place to go, they must come to grips with all that has happened and find a way to survive. Follow as this new group of people try to find other survivors in this new world they have been thrown into.

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