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Its 2017, 2 years after the horrific attack on the United States, and the birth of the "Government made Criminals" (GMC) known as The Zombie Gang. Thousands of terrorists hidden and scattered across the states for decades simultaneously attacked on January 1st, 2015 at 12 am. All the major cities suffered horribly, and an all out war began. The military came to our rescue and safety camps were created once vigilante groups started popping up everywhere, but was the military really here for our rescue, or were they here to keep the sheep in a straight line? Quite a few Americans broke off into rebel groups, but none like The Zombie Gang. They were a group of guys from a not so nice town who stuck together to not only save their families, but also save those who couldnt save themselves. With the military and the terrorists after them, they quickly rose to infamy and used all their knowledge of the streets they grew up on to fight back.

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