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    Alien DNA spawned humans, also an alien species on Earth. The gods are extra-terrestrials: in their image we are created. Humanoids were designed to serve as slave labour, given a short life span, and a severely stunted genetic code. We carry within encoded traits of violence, greed, rivalry, amongst others. There will always be wars, as we respond to a programmed pattern of behaviour, and cannot change. The ETgods regarded humans as a failed experiment, after trying to uplift their creation to no avail. The island of Atlantis gave rise to homo sapiens sapiens, and educated earthlings were in turn sent out to the colonies, in order to spread knowledge. Atlantis, up to its final destruction, is the epicentre of this record of events. The conflicts and forces causing its final demise are as relevant today as then. The story is narrated by the ETgod Michael. It encompasses his love for Ondina, an earthling, and their children. It is a love story like any other; the story of a family, like any other family. Michael's friendship with Ondina's brother Rogan, and other humans, is part of his journey in understanding that deep down we are all the same. Ad astra per apsera: to the stars through hardship. Intergalactic explorers, our gods, endure challenges and problems just as we do. Through great loss and tragedy, people from differing worlds, united by friendship, valour and loyalty, discover common values. From beginning to end, the themes of life are everlasting.

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