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GOTTS MONSTER 1808 is coming-of-age speculative fiction for teenagers. A New England Gothic recasting of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein, Gotts Monster is part of The Gods Cycle and is set in the mountains of Western Maine, 1808. Its fantastic elements sparse in beginning, The Gods Cycle moves through its story in time and place with increasing mythic emphasis."Gottim refers to Gottheim, a small Maine town. The locals call it Gottim. If I had to reduce a complicated, vivid book to a one-liner, Id say that Gotts Monster is a Maine-grown dialogue with Shelleys Frankenstein, opening up the arc with questions about how and why the irrational can irrupt into what we think of as rational life. The land and the town are as important as the individual characters, setting the reader up for an absorbing read." —Sherwood Smith, author of BLOOD SPIRITS and the Dobrenica series.This version of Gotts Monster is abridged, leaving out the townsfolk "chorus" of its1980s frame within which the original 1808 story is pictured. Gotts Monster 1808 is the more compact tale.

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