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Will Symthe awakes from a coma from a car accident and finds his wife and parents are dead. He soon discovers that he has some unique abilities, starting with he can understand the thoughts of man. He soon learns that he can also control the thoughts of those he is around. As he begins to understand what he is capable of, a dilemma starts to build. As he explores his special capabilities he doesn't understand why or how they are to be used. To help or not to help is the basic question. As he begins to understand what he can do, he begins to wonder should he or shouldn't he. For every thing that he prevents what was suppose to happen what effect does that have on the future. Soon the government learns that he can understand and control the thoughts of people and begin to track him down, studying what he is doing. When they learn that he can and sometimes does change destiny a plot begins to form to make him a unique proposition. The government wants him to control our enemies and change the destiny of the world. A surprise is in store, he is not alone.

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