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A hacking group kidnaps an artificial intelligence expert in order to help the hackers use social media to influence a presidential election. The hackers set out to kidnap a brilliant, world-class scientist whose expertise would shape their army of computer programs.They got the wrong guy.Dudley Lockwood has been kidnapped by hackers, forcing him to build an army of computer programs to influence the presidential election through social media. But there’s just one problem. Dudley isn’t the artificial intelligence expert they meant to grab. He’s just a software engineer with a fondness for Big Gulps and Cheetos. Can straight-arrow FBI Agent Michelle Woods and her partner, the floundering Special Agent Dale Cooper, stop the cyber-terror and bring down the hackers before the make one of their own the next President of the United States?PRAISE(?) FOR HERO"One day I will get around to finishing the book." -A friend"Its the best book Ive read that was written by someone I know. Thats like five people." -My former boss"I started it." -Another friend"Honestly I didnt know what it was talking about" -My uncle

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