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Following a nuclear detonation in Washington D.C. a small group of Army Rangers find themselves to be the sole survivors left to defend the United States against a foreign invader. The President and majority of Congress are assumed dead, the Vice President is missing, and the country is left waiting to discover who will come to power. Set in the same world as the Future Collapse series, Homefront follows a resistance group that fights to restore order out of chaos, while making allies in unexpected places. Major port cities like Seattle are turned into landing sites for an invading Chinese force hell bent on stripping the United States of natural resources. Surviving wildfires, and a deadly plague that swept through the country, Staff Sergeant Dallas Shannon and his small group of Rangers are forced to adapt to their new mission. No longer a fighting force that eliminates insurgents in foreign lands, they have become the type of resistance they were trained to fight. Outnumbered with no supply line or reinforcements on their way, the Rangers have to use their skills to survive while fighting a superior force.

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