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How will Earth’s children move out into the rest of the universe? Will we leap to other star systems by inventing holes through other dimensions or will we scrape, crawl and drag our way “one small step” at a time? Was Neil Armstrong really the first Earthperson to step on the Moon? What will we find as we venture to new unknown lands… lands unchanged for hundreds of thousands of centuries.Honor Bound Honor Born, follows the tortuous travails of Hawk Stanton as he tries to stay alive on the Moon. A family man with a sense of purpose, Hawk is willing to risk his life to build the first commercial lunar base -- the first real step for humanity off of the mother planet. But when his return is thwarted by governmental politics, Hawk must find a way to live for months instead of weeks. Fighting crippling loneliness, absolute cold, excruciating injury, and a deadly attack by our Sun, Hawk makes discoveries that will change the world. Could a previous ancient race have traveled to the Moon and on to Mars? What tragedy stopped them? Although the Earth has changed too dramatically to provide any evidence of their existence, the Moon may hold the answers. Cut off from Earth, the lone adventurer must survive not only the hostilities of nature but of his own people.

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