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For CW Comstock, his life as a writer has been mediocre at best. He's had just enough success to survive and raise a small family. After a drunk driver kills his wife and his two children leave, he accepts that his life is nearing its end. With no friends and his family long gone, he wallows in his own self-absorbed pity, hoping for the inspiration to write his last and ultimate story. Out of nowhere comes a surprising visit from the alluring Juanita Justus, and his life is changed forever. Juanita offers him the instruments that could bring about a new beginning. These instruments not only had the power to change his life, they were powerful enough to change the world and possibly the universe. At first he uses his newly found powers to travel to distant locations, chronicle his many travels, and becomes more successful than he could ever have imagined. But, the instruments come with responsibilities dictated by the powerful and persuasive U.O.H. The U.O.H. is a peculiar group of beings who command Juanita and now him. He must use these new instruments to do their bidding or suffer the deadly consequences. The U.O.H. assign him to find and stop the maniacal Sanduval Mule. A shape-shifting rouge writer, inventor, and ex U.O.H. member with plans to alter the future of all societies in the universe by modifying their records of the past. This will ultimately transform the culture and behavior of the societies of these planets and alter their future. In the process CW meets Vienna Pitts, a beautiful and mild-mannered woman who learns to draw from her inner strengths. Together they risk their lives for the truth against Sanduval Mule's deadly powers and cunning manipulation of time and historical knowledge.

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