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This story is based on the current events, especially those in the Middle East.  It discusses some of the events, including those of the nations who formed the League of Nations after World War I, that have shaped the current world politics.This story follows World War III, simply known as “The WAR”!  It is a war that could potentially remove mankind from the face of the earth.  The story is based upon the author's knowledge of chemistry, nuclear weapons, and research into the development of nano-technology weapons.People who truly understand psychology know that “red lines drawn in the sand” are meaningless unless immediately enforced when crossed.  If nothing else, the failure to use force to provide effective defense is an invitation to further attacks.  Effective defense often means the complete obliteration of those who would dare to “cross the red lines”!The only true way to know that a war has ended comes not from the words of politicians, but from the burial of the last dead enemy!It has been said that those who fail to study history are damned when history repeats itself.  There is a certain truth to that statement.  The technology of our world seems to evolve at an increasing rate.  However, the basic psychology and sociology of mankind has not changed in several thousand years.  There are many people who are all too willing to ignore the danger signs that exist today.  Educate yourself to the truth!

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