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Amir Tarkos is one of the only humans in the Predator Corp, the most feared and respected military force in the Galaxy. With his partner Bria, a bear-like carnivore, Tarkos is on a dangerous and difficult mission to fight the Ulltrians, a race that once extinguished much of the life in the Galaxy. War has begun, but Bria has been accused of murder and treason and Tarkos is suspected to be an accomplice. Only they can save the Alliance, but first they must escape from prison, raise an army of artificial intelligences, and seize control of the most dangerous weapon the Alliance ever created. Evolution Commandos: Ice Sky Storm is a stand-alone novel, but it is also the final third of the trilogy Evolution Commandos. In addition, it forms part of the ongoing Predator Space Chronicles, which are told in novels and short stories. EVOLUTION COMMANDOS: ICE SKY STORM Novel 45,000 words   LEARN MORE: Looking for an introduction to Tarkos, Bria, and Predator Space? Listen to EscapePod Episode 333! It's available for free at: BOOKS IN THE PREDATOR SPACE CHRONICLES:    1. Evolution Commandos: Well of Furies   2. Evolution Commandos: World Hammer   3. Evolution Commandos: Ice Sky Storm Collected together in Evolution Commandos    4. Omega Threshold: Earthrise   5. Omega Threshold: Earthfall Collected together in Omega Threshold    6. World Scar: Question Zero   7. World Scar: One Human Collected together in World Scar ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Craig DeLancey is a writer and philosopher.  His novels include the Predator Space Chronicles and Gods of Earth.  He has published dozens of short stories, in places like Analog, Lightspeed, Nature Physics, Shimmer, and the Mississippi Review Online. His story "Julie Is Three" won the Analog Anlab readers choice award for short story in 2012 and is under film development by Storycom. His story "RedKing" is in several of the year's best science fiction anthologies. He is also a playwright, and his plays have received staged readings and performances in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, and elsewhere. You can sign up for Craig's once-a-month email list at: Your email address will never be shared and will only be used for the once-a-month updates and free fiction.  

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