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In the hot, coastal city of Varanuz, private investigator Nicaea Tauros witnesses the murder of a politician and learns of an attempt on the life of his close friend, security consultant Soph Obetheller. Suspicious that the Varanuzan police may be involved, Nicaea warns Ms. Izabelle Frag, CEO of a research firm, to stay alert, and makes moves toward crimelord Lavan Farthing for defense.Soon, deadly threats fill the streets. A ferry carrying dozens of passengers, one of them Nicaea, sinks to the ocean floor. When Nicaea and Soph learn about a connection to Izabelle, and the reappearance of the man who stole her memories, only one action remains: depose Izabelle Frag and destroy her corporation.When he rises from the ferry, Nicaea hallucinates a vision, an attack on a battleship. He never served in the army. Even so, it shatters his mind. Soph looks for the truth behind the six years of her life she lost and is unable to hold him together. Nicaea becomes involved in a battle in East Varanuz, and comes back convinced that it must be Izabelles fault. Is it? What happens if Nicaeas wrong?Energetic, fast moving and crazy, Instability is the first book of four about Nicaea Tauros. It should stand alone.

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