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What if you could travel to Mars as easily as visiting your local grocery store? What if you could take a stroll on the moon as easily as it is to take a walk along the beach? Well, for an inventor and entrepreneur like Lane, these are fantasies that he would like to make a reality; for a price of course. The year is 2515, and Lane is a genius; a handy little gift where money is to be made. He is also ambitious; another bonus in this highly capitalistic world where you’re either rich or you’re poor. To top it all off he has the courage to push forward where others would surely falter. This final piece makes him perfect for this world where lazy people struggle to survive. In this era, if you do nothing, you cannot exist. Everyone pulls their weight and those who fall behind, get left behind. However this world is far from perfect. As Lane's ambition to travel to other planets pushes him to heights of unimaginable prosperity, he quickly finds himself in a place where he has more enemies then friends. With Lane’s dreams of a better life being endangered by all those around him he suddenly finds himself defending those back on Earth who, only days before, he had condemned. Will Lane still be as grounded in his capitalistic beliefs once he walks a mile in the shoes of those he once thought to be the bane of society? As Lane starts to see that the world is not as black and white as he thought he realizes that there are many different ways one can survive in this world. But what if simply surviving is not enough? Lane doesn’t want to just survive, he wants to live a glorious life! To this end, Lane will have to put his courage to the ultimate test. Tough choices will have to be made. Choices...that could be fatal.

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