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This is Part 1 of “The Chronicles of Pet”, a Romance/Action/Adventure series of five books. It is set on Earth in the 22nd century and is about the life of a few survivors from the UK, USA, and New Zealand after a devastating pandemic and earthquakes wipe out the world’s population. Today a Smartphone is the “Must Have” communication product and has become an essential part of our everyday life and offers vibrant screens, endless apps, and functionality. However, have you ever considered with the exponential growth in the sophistication of electronics how such a device will develop into the 22nd century? In “Island Homes”, Kath, a recently graduated student from a University in New Zealand, purchases a companion Smartphone and names her Pet. This Smartphone is sentient and is the coolest product on the planet. Kath and Pet become inseparable and together they embark on finding her a job, friends, and romance. Her adventures start the day she starts teaching, and the events that follow turn out to be far beyond her wildest dreams. In London England, Steven, a drug research scientist specialising in anti-retro virus products, determines from field tests that a pandemic is growing in Asia and South Africa, which will spread globally and wipe out the population. His company does not believe the prediction, so he resigns and secretly hides away on a deserted island off the west coast of Scotland, with his family and close friends. Holly a teenage member of the group, eager to know if anyone else is alive in the world, decides she must search for other survivors, but is unable to do anything as Steven has forbidden any attempts to make outside contact for at least five years. Kent, an earthquake specialist from the USA, accepts a job in New Zealand, and soon after he moves to the island, is stranded there when the pandemic hits the island. He meets Kath, who hopes he will be her first boyfriend. “Island Homes” unfolds the difficulties and challenges of the lives of Kath, Kent, and Holly. The Chronicles of Pet consists of five books: Part 1 – Island Homes Part 2 – Virtual Companions Part 3 – We are Animal Part 4 – You’re Real and Here with Me Part 5 – New World Reality About the Author Stewart Akass grew up in Kent England. He enjoyed a career in the consumer electronics industry for 30 years, retiring at the age of 54. Although an avid reader, he never had the ambition to be a writer. During an extended holiday stimulated by the landscape in New Zealand, he started to write The Chronicles of Pet. Since then he has pursued publication and the detailed task of proof-reading and editing. He lives in the South East of England.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033535284
    • ISBN:  9781301150359

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