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Jouth continues to bring the hottest new sci-fi short stories from Blaster Books. In this issue it's all about survival and invasion! Erin Lale takes us into "The Anarchy Zone" to see what life is like in the irradiated zone of America, where laws are determined by who has the best friends. Ellen Denton weaves a tale of survival in "The Yanzo 500" as a hiker confronts the possibility of death on the lunar surface. Finally, Eddie D. Moore weaves a multi-tale epic of discovery, cover-ups, and intrigue! It begins in "Lunar Excavations," as alien technology signals home, then in "New Horizon" and "Don't Tell Mom" as those who discover evidence of aliens are silenced. Finally, in "Onslaught" the aliens arrive and one human family must do their best to survive the initial assault - and find a way to fight back! All this and more in Jouth #3!

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