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It has been hundreds of years since the human race departed Earth and spread among the stars. In that time it has colonized many worlds and star systems. Humans first encountered extraterrestrial life in the most unlikely of places, the atmosphere of gas giants. As humanity expanded they were surprised to find this same species of life inhabiting almost all similar planets across distant star systems. A discovery that was soon to be exploited. Corbin Bishop is the most accomplished Diver in the history of his profession. A profession that is among the most dangerous but most lucrative in the Galactic Federation. Plunging headlong into the atmosphere of gas giant planets in pursuit of an alien prey takes courage, skill, and a lot of luck. On one such dive, while reunited with his former student and friend, Kora, on a planet at the outer reaches of the federated systems, he and his elite team encounter more than they bargain for. When things start to go wrong, a routine dive turns into a fight for survival. What they encounter will forever change their understanding of the complexity and diversity of life with far reaching implications for the future development and evolution of the human race.

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