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A curse covered soul is found wandering the glee filled grounds of a small town fair. A map to an alien relic that could determine the destiny of a futuristic world is in the possession of a societal outcast. An ancient darkness is uncovered by members of a society overrun by centuries of peaceful tranquility. A pair of runaways are left to endure these and other such tales after stealing away into the night and stowing away in the dank confines of a locomotive freight car. Expecting to be alone for the duration of their passage, the young couple are stunned to find that they have to undertake this journey in the company of a mysterious stranger who may not be what he seems. Kaleidoscope pulls out of the station and moves along rails that carry it from the darkest depths of the netherworld to the wildest wonders in the heavens above, never forgetting to make a few scheduled stops along the way.

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