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Karol and UFOs is a science fiction and romance short novel about a mannequin and several characters, among them: Robert, a handsome lawyer, expert in the stock market, that is hired by an Investment Company in Buenos Aires, and at the airport says goodbye to his friends Juan and Martin; and to Elba, a beautiful young lady he shared outings with. In Buenos Aires, Robert falls in love with an attractive mannequin that he sees in the shop window of an elegant store and he manages to buy it. Robert will later appear murdered next to the mannequin, which then disappears. Two other characters are Feli and Juampi: two restless kids from a town in the province of La Pampa, who, along with a Labrador bitch called Cata, find Karol lying on Feli’s dad’s wheat fields. At night, when going out of the club where they play football, they unexpectedly run into two humanoids. Two other characters are Dany: Robert’s workmate who lives alone in a small apartment near the company’s office, tends to get depressed, goes to therapy and writes tales and rhymes; and Elba: a model Robert had said goodbye to when he moved to Buenos Aires. They both meet at Robert’s funeral and will meet some other times later on.

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