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# Contents: - Kidnapped (3,000 word story) - Tank Upgraded (3,000 word story) - The Shop (Fast Food Eddy #1 [Promotional Story]) - Word Count: 14,300 Words - Page Count: 78 Standard Book Pages # Kidnapped (Tank Science Fiction Series #6) Tank has come to Rio de Janeiro to search for Jen, who has been kidnapped by the CIA for the second time. This time Tank is determined not to let her get away from him. However, with his only lead taking him in circles, he soon discovers that there is more going on behind the scenes. With mobsters, CIA agents and a bad snitch to deal with Tank is in for one heck of a ride if he wants to find his wife. Can Tank find Jen before the CIA manages to get her out of Rio, and what is really going on? # Tank Upgraded (Tank Science Fiction Series #7) Tank has been captured by the CIA and now Jen needs to get him back. Unfortunately, their sources lead them to Paris, which is in the center of a European turf war. Entering the fray themselves, they uncover that Tank is being held in the King of France's palace - a mega-fortress that even the enemy hesitates to assault. Jen and the team are going to have to go all out if they want to get Tank back, but can even get close enough to save him? Download to find out now! # Titles In This Series: - Future Forces: Tank (Story #1) a.k.a Tank Nuclear - Mercy Mission (Story #2) - Tank Nuclear and Tank 2 Mercy Mission (Combined Story Pack) - Warriors of War (Story #3) - Aid Agency Swindle (Story #4) - Warriors of War and Aid Agency Swindle (Combined Story Pack) - Tech Wars: The Collection (Stories 1-3 + 2 Bonus Stories) - LA Brawl (Story #5) - Kidnapped (Story #6) - LA Brawl and Kidnapped (Combined Story Pack) - Tank Upgraded (Story #7) - Die, Tank, Die! (Story #8) - Tank Upgraded and Die, Tank, Die! (Combined Story Pack) - Lone Wolf (Story #9) - Tech Wars: The Collection 2 (Stories 4-8) - Assassination (Story #10) - Lone Wolf and Assassination (Combined Story Pack) - Tank: The Total Package (Stories 1-10)

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