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Return to Midgard. It has been three months since all of Midgard watched Njorun battle with Sieglinde beneath the colorful boughs of the World Tree. The player known as ‘the Cataclysm’ has disappeared, and Circle Systems has remained silent. Hayden Itagaki, determined to find out the truth behind Lisa Perdita’s disappearance, has created a new player-persona named Gefjun and gathered a diverse party of players in order to unearth Kognition’s nefarious secrets. Desperate to find her friend, and spurred forward by an enigmatic character, Gefjun becomes obsessed with Kognition. In a world made of endless areas, dangerous creatures, players of agenda, and mysteries older than the game itself, Hayden must rely on herself and her friends to uncover the truth. With people working against her, Hayden will be ruthlessly challenged by both the real and digital worlds, and discover that Lisa’s misadventure is only a small part of a more sinister, darker truth.

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