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Enslaved by the unjust galactic overlords that invaded his home planet and took his family from him, Vadim is willing to do anything in order to avenge his people. Rescued from the clutches of his captors by a shaky ally, in return for his freedom Vadim is asked to use his unique abilities to find and obtain a Fae?arian, a weapon in living form that could destroy the council of Unity forever. But nothing is as it seems on the lawless planet of Reul where his hunt begins. After surviving an attack by council soldiers, Vadim awakes, hidden away in a dark mountain. He owes his life to the mysterious and alluring woman that cares for him. Jelena wants him gone and off her mountain, but with council soldiers searching for him, Vadim is forced to rely on Jelena as he fights to find the weapon the rebels and he need to end the council. The more Vadim is near Jelena, he feels her guarding nature softening toward him as he begins to feel more for her. When Jelena’s dark secret is brought to light, Vadim has to choose between the woman that saved his life and his need for vengeance. Jelena is that last of her kind, a Fae?arian; a species that possesses a light so powerful it can destroy. She has spent her life in hiding in her dark mountain from those that would seek to use her as a weapon. When she stumbles across a wounded man, her first instinct is to rob him and leave him for dead, but from first glance of his startling eyes, she makes a choice that would change her life. Hiding the wounded warrior; Vadim, from others that seek to kill him, Jelena finds herself falling for the stubborn warrior. Every moment they share together makes her hunger for a normal life that she can never have. Their truce is shattered and her life left hanging in the balance as others come looking for Vadim and her secret is revealed. Realizing that the woman that saved him is the weapon he's after, Vadim feels his heart shatter. His vow of honor demands that he hand her over as promised. But can he choose between his need for vengeance and the woman meant for him? Unwilling to sacrifice her as others would, Vadim chooses to take her place and destroy the council himself. At the dawn of the battle that will determine the freedom of countless species in the galaxy, alliances will be torn and friendships lay on crumbling ground. In the end, is Jelena and Vadim’s love strong enough to withstand the storm that is coming?

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